55 Communities Florida

Choosing your next home involves many considerations: finances, security, location, and convenience. Along with these, don’t forget to think about fun! When it is time to retire, you get to choose how to spend your time, and with the popularity of 55 communities Florida has become more attractive than ever to active adults. Places like Stone Creek in Ocala cater to people who want to continue to grow and develop relationships and interests. Florida retirement communities now offer an amazing array of activities and facilities for an active and social lifestyle, along with quality home choices. Long gone are the days of the rocking chair and cafeteria food.

Florida 55 Communities

At Stone Creek, located in the rolling horse country of central Florida, residents find a community of friends who are living life to the fullest. In the best spirit of 55 communities Florida this beautiful development offers first-rate facilities for fitness and recreation, with delightful grounds and expansive areas for swimming, fishing, and walking. The residents of Stone Creek enjoy the most beautiful setting available among Ocala Florida homes, with the added attraction of an active and vibrant community atmosphere.

While some of the 55 communities Florida offers have become overly large and impersonal, Stone Creek’s size will be limited to approximately 3600 homes. This size allows for a small town feel and still includes stimulating variety of people. While their interests may vary, residents of Stone Creek all share the idea that a full and active life is a must, and sharing it with others makes every day a pleasure. If this sounds like the place for you, please call Stone Creek Realty today. We have the experience and first-hand knowledge of this great community to make choosing your next home a breeze. As agents who not only live in the community, but that also work and play here, we not only sell the lifestyle – we live it too! Connect with us today to learn more!

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Deborah Sumey
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